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Hypertension (high blood pressure)

A further frequent medical disease is the hypertension (high blood pressure).

Some causes for a high blood pressure are known to the classical medicine, but those I would exclude here. At most of the hypertension cases it concerns an essential high pressure, where essential means that the actual cause is unknown. Now, by means of the SMT®, we are on the trail of the causes. Let me now, in the following lines, allocate the causes and backgrounds of the essential hypertension from the view of the SMT®.

The height of the blood pressure is steered by the heart segment (Th2 SMT®). The heart belongs to the functional circuit heart (Th2 SMT®)/ small intestine - circulation (Th12 SMT®)/ tongue and eyes (C2). The heart segment regulates the tone (basic pressure) of the muscles of the vascular wall of all arterial (rich in oxygen) blood vessels.

It is a fact that at each irritation and damage of nerves the muscles, tendons and ligaments, which are provided by this nerve, tense up.

So it also happens in the muscles of the vascular wall. As therefore the windkessel effect (the diastolic acceleration of the blood column, which arises due to a push from behind onto the blood column of the diastolic astringent muscles of the vascular wall) decreases, the blood pressure must rise, to furthermore guarantee the circulation. This is the definition of the basic problem of the essential hypertension. The increasing hypertension happens due to the renin-angiotensin-mechanism. To allocate it further from the view of the SMT®, would here be beyond the scope.