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Cancer diseases and aftercare

By means of the SMT® people have the chance to prevent cancer diseases.

How can the development of cancer be explained, if you disregard the cancer diseases, which are happening due to extern factors like f.e. smoking (lung cancer), excessive exposure to the sun (melanoma), but also virusses (f.e. liver cancer) and other mechanisms?

The classical medicine´s theory starts from the fact that anytime, possibly daily, cancer cells develop in our body at or in different organs, which then are recognized and destroyed by the immune system. However this only can be achieved by an intact immune system. To have a functional immune system, the vegetative supply of the organs must be intact. If this is not the case, the immune system "overlooks" the arisen cancer cells and a cancer disease is developing.

The vegetative nervous system is not only damaged by a psychic strain (the statement that a psychic strain has nothing to do with the development of cancer, like many doctors assert, is absolutely wrong), but first of all it happens due to damages at spine and joints (differences in the length of the legs and a pelvic damage in the sense of the SMT®), with its resulting increasing tension in the spine and the following deformations of the spine (scolioses etc.).

Regular states of joints and spine offer the best chance not to get sick with a cancer disease.

If it nevertheless came to a cancer disease, each patient has to decide himself, whether and how far he wants to go the way of the classical medicine. Many cancer diseases nowadays are said to be curable. Operation, rediotherapy, chemotherapy and immunological therapies make it possible. Also when the risk of chemotherapies, to get sick after years with a leukemic disease, is seldom, however not completely deniable, the patient should not be refused or adviced against this chance, out of some fundamentalistic disapproving considerations.

At cancer diseases, which are only prognosed a statistic life extension of some months, the patient has to and is allowed to decide himself for a chemotherapy. Yet it is often the case that the chemotherapy worsens the life quality for the patient enormously.

The chance for healing of a cancer disease is in the long run the best, when joints and spine and with it the vegetative supply of the organs is in order.

Regular states of joints and spine are the most important aspects in the cancer aftercare, because only an efficient function of the vegetative nervous system takes care that the immune system can combat the rest tumor (after operation, chemotherapy and/or radiotherapy), therefore a metastasis in the body is less probable and with it a flare-up of the disease (due to single cancer cells still remaining in the body) can be prevented.

In the cancer therapy classical medicine and SMT should cooperate.