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Migraine and other forms of headaches

Headaches and migraine are, like diabetes and hypertension, a folk disease, which makes people suffer a lot and embitter their lifes. The definitions of the classial medicine for headache and migraine are so manifold and complicated, that a pain therapist once said, a normal doctor is not capable to treat headaches, because there exist more than 300 forms of headaches. About the sense and nonsense of this statement I refuse here a comment.

From the view of the SMT® there are quite a few basic forms of headache and migraine, which altogether are to be defined by appropriate damages at the spine.

It is known that many headache- or migraine patients suffer from sickness and vomiting during the attack. How can these symptoms be explained by means of the SMT®? Sickness and vomiting are connected to the stomach segment (Th6 SMT®). The stomach belongs to the functional circuit stomach (Th6 SMT®)/ spleen-pancreas (Th8 SMT® and Th7 SMT®)/ mouth and nose (C4). There is one important joint, through which run the small intestine meridian, the triple heater (both Th12 SMT®) and the stomach meridian and whose subluxations cause stomach pain and sickness - as well as arrhythmia - , that is the mandibular joint.