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Multiple sclerosis (MS)

Here I only can touch on the problems of a MS disease and not occupy myself with the complexity of the disease symptoms in detail.

MS is a horrible diagnosis, because every patient (also if the classical medicine avoids the term MS nowadays and uses other names for the disease, ostensibly to spare the patient the shock and the fear), as everybody nowadays knows or can read in health books or in the internet (people are not stupid!), what this diagnosis means to them.

In spite of all treatment attempts the classical medicine in many cases is completely helpless concerning this disease. The disease very often begins with eye-symptoms. Sudden disturbances in seeing lead the patient to the eye doctor, who can raise no relevant diagnosis and sends the concerned to a neurologist. This doctor makes a magnet resonance image from the head, sees the sclerotic areas, additionally arranges an examination of the brain water, where he tries to find signs of inflammtion and also finds those occasionally, and so already the diagnosis MS as a suspicion is present. Often the ailments vanish for the moment by means of cortisone. Latest at the second episode or when other neurological disturbances like f.e. headaches or ailments at the lower extremities happen, the suspicion diagnosis becomes a disease diagnosis, which explains, from the sight of the classical medicine, all ailments of the concerned and so confirm the diagnosis from the view of the classical medicine furthermore. Cortisone and immundepressiva is the medicine, which is used by the classical medicine for treatment. Unfortunately often without much success. Episode after episode follows, walking becomes still worse until the patients are sitting in the wheelchair.

How looks the problem of the MS out of the sight of the SMT®? At the MS we have several causes or components, which are summarized by the classical medicine in one clinical picture.

Responsible for the MS is certainly a pelvic damage in the sense of the SMT®. These findings are existent already years and decades of years before the disease began, yet get worse in the course of life and then produce ailments, suddenly like out of a clear sky. Not seldom you can, before the symptoms of the disease began, find out in the anamnesis, that accidents or other traumatic events had happened, which finally led to an acute worsening of the pelvic damage in the sense of the SMT®.

The pelvic damages cause an increasing tension in the back muscles, and the spine of the concerned becomes more and more scoliotic. Now spinal and vegetative nervous incarcerations and -irritations happen, which cause the corresponding symptoms.

The brain succumbs to a vegetative steering, which is necessary for a regular function of the brain. This means that the inflammations in the brain have an autoimmune or infectious background. This vegetative influence comes from the segments, vertebrae and via the meridians of the (over the 2nd cervical vertebra connected) functional circuits heart (Th2 SMT®)/ small intestine (Th12 SMT®)/ tongue and eyes (C2) gallbladder (Th4 SMT®)/ liver (Th5 SMT®)/ eyes and tongue (C2). Sometimes are damages at the liver vertebra and -segment (Th5 SMT®) responsible for the development of inflammations of the brain tissue.

Besides this are important for the arising of cervical inflammations damages at the mandibular joint, as over the mandibular joint run the following meridians:

The earlier the therapy of the different symptoms of the responsible damages at MS patients begins by means of the SMT®, the more a healing is possible, because, when the brain is damaged and even destroyed due to the chronically recurrent inflammation in the brain, healing is not possible any more. Often at so-called MS patients there exist also interference fields in the area of the teeth (lifeless teeth, amalgam-fillings etc.), which have to be treated appropriate.