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Spasticity and childish (infantile) cerebral paralysis

Damages at the brain can release spasticity. At a spasticity the body muscles contract and tense up so heavily, that the whole human being is deformed and distorted.

Disregarding the cases of a cerebral damage, the reversal conclusion which is made by the classical medicine, that every spasticity is caused by a cerebral damage, is wrong.

Many spasticities develop slowly, that means they get worse in the course of time, in spite of very engaged therapeutical efforts of the classical medicine. This is especially valid for the infantile cerebral paralysis.

From the very beginning I must make it clear that one only can avoid or heal spasticity, when one begins with the therapy very early, as long as the patient still is able to cooperate.

The moment, when a healing of the spasticity is not possible any more, is surely different from patient to patient, because the heavier the symptoms are and the longer the disease exists, the more unlikely is a healing.

Treatment trials however nevertheless are sensefull, especially under the aspect that a further increasing of the disease can be delayed or even avoided and that one can eventually soothe unspecific symptoms of the patient.

The cause for the development of a spasticity are accidents or other traumatic (also psychical) events.

Cause for an infantile cerebral paralysis are intrauterine damages due to an insufficient stretchable uterus of the pregnant woman or a long lasting parturition with an extraordinary heavy compression of the child in the birth channel. Both causes, an insufficient stretchable uterus and a heavy compression in the birth channel with long lasting parturition arise due to damages at pelvic and spine of the pregnant woman (see medical textbook SMT®- "The key to healthiness -only in German language).SMT® - Der Schlüssel zur Gesundheit

Unfortunatly it is a fact that all physiotherapeutical therapies of the classical medicine, due to a false motion pattern (see basic textbook of the ) SMT® "Wonders take a little longer"), first of all by stretching and extending, worsen the damages (differences in the length of the legs due to subluxations of hip, knee and ankles, pubic bone and iliosacral joints, tilting and inclination of the pelvis), which are responsible for a higher muscle tension, i.e. increase the spasticity in the course of time, also if sometimes for a moment there is a certain relief for the patient due to the physiotherapy. This short-time relief is the more probable, the shorter the disease exists.

By means of the SMT® no more tension in the muscles is produced, in the contrary, the pathological muscle tension, which is responsible for the spasticity, can be decreased by means of the SMT®.