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Hip pain and -diseases

Hip pain and -diseases like for example the coxarthrosis and -arthritis (acute or chronic inflammation of the hip joint), necrosis (decomposition)) of the femoral head, M. Perthes or Epiphysiolitis capitis humeri are consequences of subluxations of the joints of hip, pubic bone and sacrum as well as of a pelvic inclination and -tilt.

The pain of an arthritis of the hip joint arises due to following mechanisms:

If you now eliminate subluxations of the joints of the legs and the pelvic damages in the sense of the SMT®, the painfull arthritis slowly changes into a painless arthrosis and a further worsening of the arthrotic happening will be stopped.

All this is certainly only effective, when the patient is treated in time by means of the SMT®, because also here the doctrine is valid "Those who come too late, are punished by life", i.e. when the hip joint is already damaged very much, only an operation can help.