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Burning tongue and motor disturbances of the tongue

The tongue is the body orifice to the connected functional circuits heart (Th2 SMT®)/ small intestine (Th12 SMT®)/ tongue and eyes (C2) and gallbladder (Th4 SMT®)/ liver (Th5 SMT®)/ eyes and tongue (C2).

Damages at the concerned vertebrae, segments and meridians release burning tongue or other tongue diseases, also motor disturbances of the tongue.

Additionally subluxations of the mandibular joints have to be considered, as over the mandibular joint run the following meridians, while 3 of them have a connection to the 2nd cervical vertebra, the eyes- and tongue vertebra:

Certainly, also at tongue diseases first of all subluxations of the leg joints and pelvic damages in the sense of the SMT® must be removed.