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The influence of the psyche on sicknesses of inner organs

A further very essential aspect of the SMT® is the knowledge that organic functional disturbances and inner diseases primarily depend on the state of joints and spine of human beings. Environmental influences and food are important factors, influencing the human organism and its health state, however are not really decisive.

Scolioses of the spine cause an incarceration of the nerves, which emerge laterally from the spine. Coming from these spinal nerves, nervous fibres (Ramus communicans) run to the sympathetic chain (central part of the sympathicus),which is positioned in front of the spine, being a part of the vegetative nervous system, not steerable by will, are there interconnected and finally reach as the perivascular plexus (meridians) the inner organs, to steer their functionality.

If now these spinal nerves are incarcerated and damaged, because f.e. the spine is deformed, a wrong steering happens, which again is the basis for organic changes and diseases. Faulty nourishment and bad environmental conditions are only additional stressing factors. Man is more resistent against these influences, the better his joints and spine are in order.

The function of all organs and their cells must be coordinated among each other sensefully. This steering consists of spinal and vegetative steering impulses, which reach the organ, after nervous fibres from the spinal nerves and the sympathetic chain have been interconnected. Via the vegetative nervous system our psychic state, in form of positive and negative impulses, takes influence on the condition of the organs and their steering. The psychic state works like a trigger.

Following mechanisms are imaginable:

Without damages at joints and spine psychic influences do not easily have a negative influence on our organism.

Certainly a heavy psychic faulty steering or a psychic trauma can release an organic illness, however this never happens without corresponding organic changes at the spine and joints.

The statement of the classical medicine, that psychic processes could release pain, functional disturbances and diseases in that sense without any organic correlation, i.e. that the sick person only imagines these things, culminated in the recommendation of a doctor to one of my fibromyalgia-patients: "Just simply think your ailments away". The conversion, so classical medicine calls this process, does not exist in this form.

The organic correlation of a pain, an organic functional disturbance or a sickness up into the psychic range, is always found at the joints and the spine, namely in the exact defined correlation, like the osteopathy does.

The question, why a human being f.e. gets sick of a coronary disease and another only suffers from arrhythmia of the heartbeat, is to be answered at a big part with the finding constellation of all damages at joints and spine. Possibly a genetic disposition is added (by family reasons arising tendency to get sick of a special illness, f.e. diabetes mell. type II). It might be that such a genetically dependent disease means that one organ or parts of an organ react more quickly and stronger on damages at joints and spine than it is the case at other people.