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Movement, sports and gymnastics

At every gymnastics known to me regularly and inevitably wrong movements are done due to:

Gymnastics of any kind, whatsoever their name is, give at the moment, especially to younger people, a relief, however worsen basically the damages, which are responsible for the tensed up muscles, i.e. differences in the length of the legs due to subluxations of the leg joints and a pelvic damage in the sense of the SMT®, and with that worsens the ailments of the concerned patients.

Only younger people and persons, who move a lot, do not feel the worsening of the whole situation for a long time, namely so long, until this high tension has developed, that now, like out of a clear sky, ailments appear. Unfortunately nowadays it is not seldom any more, to have disc prolapse operations at 18 to 20 years old people and hip replacements at 28 to 30-years old patients.

Nevertheless people need a lot of motion, which nowadays often is lacking. Driving in cars, sitting at school or in the office job, in front of television and computer, are responsible that the modern human being, and this concerns especially children, do not move enough.

However movement keeps our muscles relaxed and elastic, so that even tensions, which due to only decent and not very old differences in the length of the legs and pelvic damages in the sense of the SMT® or due to cold, physical and/or psychic strain, can be decomposed and sofar do not cause any problems, or only then, when there is no motion, for example when leaving bed after night´s rest or after sitting a lot (a long ride by car) etc. The reason for the last phenomenon is that motion works on the human muscles, and here especially on the back muscles, like a massage.

Just make the following experiment: Stand up and lay one hand with the back of the hand across the spine. Now you make a step forward with the right leg and you will notice that the vertrebrae turn to the left side for one to two fingerbreadths. The same procedure happens on the opposite side to the right, when you move the left foot forward. The mere motion of the legs leads to a massaging effect in the back muscles. Here the massaging effect is much better when moving slowly as when going fast or even running. When moving faster, the swing of the vertebra decreases.

When the back muscles are relaxed, the spine straightens up and becomes or remains upright, and consequently the nerves, emerging at the right and the left from the spinal marrow in pairs, are not incarcerated. Thereby also the remaining muscles of the body get loose, elastic and functional and man healthy and fit.

Two important aspects result from the just mentioned: