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Painhealing by means of the SMT®

The decisive point in the understanding of pain and painhealing is the knowledge of the SMT® from a spinal and a meridian pain.

Especially the knowledge about a meridian pain (released by irritations of the perivascular nervous plexus), whose importance increases, the higher you come up at the body towards the head, makes the diagnosis and the explanation of pain diseases possible.

To understand pain diseases, you have to let the patient show you at an acupuncture model the pain localization and then look, which meridian runs over or through the pain area and so already you have found the vertebra for the diagnosis, which releases the pain event.

Below the pelvis the spinal and meridian pain balances each other. Which nervous incarceration is the more important for the pain disease, shows only in the course of the therapy. At the head nearly exceptionally only the meridian released pain exists, disregarding a few exceptions.

In the medical textbook of the SMT® „Die Farbe des Schmerzes ist rot (The colour of pain is red - only in German language)“ the knowledges of pain and pain healing are explained and described in detail from the point of view of the SMT ®.

The psychic aspect, which is obvious at many pain diseases, arises due to the influence of the vegetative nervous system. Is or will be the psyche strained, the concerned tenses up, which provokes increasing damages at joints and spine, which then again causes increasing muscle tension due to pelvic damages and the nervous incarcerations get worse, so that the ailments grow bigger. Via the vegetative nervous system our psychic state, in form of positive or negative impulses, takes influence on the steering of the organs. A negative psychic state is only a trigger, which worsens the problems caused by damages at joints and spine. The following mechanisms are imaginable:

Certainly, a heavy psychic disease or a psychical trauma can release an organic disease, but this never happens without corresponding changes at the spine and the joints.

The statement of the classical medicine, that psychic processes can release functional disturbances, pain and diseases without any organic correlation, in the sense of imagining a disease by the sick person, culminates in the advice of a doctor for a fibromyalgia patient: "Just push away your ailments". The conversion, as this process is called by the classical medicine, is not existent in this way.

The organic correlation of pain, of a functional disturbance or a disease, up into the psychical sector, always takes place at the joints and the spine.

The most important aspect of the SMT® is the knowledge that pain diseases as well as organic functional disturbances and medical diseases are primarily depending on the state of the human spine and joints. Environmental influences and nutrition are important factors, which influence the human organism and its physical condition, but they are not primarily decisive.