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The pelvis of people and its damages within the bounds of evolution

The appearance of subluxations of the pubic bone and the Ilio-sacral joints, with a tilt of coccyx, sacrum and pelvis as well as an inclination of the pelvis, i.e. a pelvic damage in the sense of the SMT®, depends for everyone on his personal decisive evolutionary step, this means with its erection from the four-footed into the two-footed standing.

Due to his erection the human being was able to use the opposing thumbs as gripping tongs, which enabled him to use weapons and tools perfectly. However this also means that the fatal instability in the pelvic region, which concerns everybody, is the price, that man had to pay for the decisive evolutionary progress.

We do not descend from apes (we have common ancestors) and never have been on the trees, but the flight of the apes into the trees is the result of an evolutionary way, which led to the motor deficit of the ape species. The ape, being a bad four- and even worse two-footed animal, got stuck in evolution and, because of his limited possiblities in motion, has fled into the trees.

The opposing of the thumb and the with that connected motoric progress were the beginning of the brain evolution of man. The fact, that the primary starter function of the brain evolution develops from the own body, can be watched until today at (already new born) babies. As soon as they are awake (and sometimes also when they are sleeping) they move their arms, legs and head apparently aimless to and fro. These movements are called by the classical medicine "nondirectional mass movements", whose sense, after my opinion, has not yet been recognized by anyone.

With our nervous system and brain we have a steering organ, which is similar to a PC in its functional principle. There exist main memories and hard disc with millions and even billions of giga-, even terabites as well as the connections to the "tools" organs and extremities in form of nervous tracts. Even the information transfer in the nerves is coded in plus or minus (separate electric voltage amplitudes, whose frequency and extent codes the information content), like it is also the case at computers. In the functional steering of our organism we have principally a feedback control system, with receptors, steering unit (brain) and the organ-to-be-steered.

To obtain, that the brain can steer the organism at all, it first must be informed about the state of the organ to-be-steered. The brain only can begin with its steering function, when it first is informed about the state of the organs to-be-steered. The cerebral possibility to steer has to be, on the base of genetic conditions, learned and must develop.

With that the first step to brain ripening is the ability of the brain, to learn on a genetical base to recognize the informations from the periphery and to react with the adequate steering impulses towards the periphery.

While the brain is receiving permanently, due to the motoric nondirectional mass movements, impulses from the periphery, it learns to use sensefully the genetically pre-programmed steering apparatus and so to master the motoricity as well as the steering of organs. Therefore the pediatricians especially pay attention to the preventive checkup concerning a so-called motorical deficit, which they equate with a deficient brain ripening. However, classical medicine means that the motorical deficit is the sole consequence of a cerebral functional disturbance and overlook that the brain also must ripen like the rest of the organism.

When the informational transmission from the periphery towards the brain is disturbed, the brain never learns, due to faulty actual impulses from the periphery, to produce the correct steering impulses, and so the corresponding structures, muscles as well as organs, do not function properly. The same also is valid for the organic steering and the alignment of the interconnected organic functions.