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Bekhterev´s disease (BD)

A Bekhterev´s (BD) disease is an illness, which causes first of all a slow stiffening of the spine, because tendons and ligaments calcify increasingly.

For many people the following explanations about Bekhterev´s disease might seem to be quite daring, but as the classical medicine knows no other therapeutical possibilities beside cortisone and immunedepression, I might contribute some new thoughts, to be able to help the concerned, also if this only might bring a stagnation of the obviously fateful course of a disease. Slight cases, where the disease still is at its beginning or not very advanced yet, can be healed by means of the SMT®.

Here I do not want to give all the explanations, this I have done in my textbooks about the SMT®, but only give way for the following statements:

At the BD two diseases meet each other, which lastly open into the apparent fateful course:

If you heal by means of the SMT® the concerned damages at spine and joints, the inflammations come to a stop and slowly vanish, so that the inherited exceeded reaction on the inflammations at tendons and ligaments decreases, certainly only if you treat in time.

At the same time the pain vanishes, which lastly is caused by the same damages at spine and joints like the inflammation in the ilio sacral joints and at the spine, which release the findings of a BD.

It clearly can be seen by the just made explanations, that a healing of the BD is possible only as long as the disease has not yet advanced too far.

As a further meridian cause damages at the vertebrae, meridians, segments and organs of the functional circuit bladder (L3 SMT®)/ kidneys (Th10 SMT® and Th11 SMT®)/ teeth and ears (C3)are added, because the bladder meridian (L3 SMT®) runs over the whole spine.

I cannot say, whether damages at the vertebrae, meridians, segments and organs of the functional circuit gallbladder (Th4 SMT®)/ liver (Th5 SMT®)/ eyes and tongue (C2) - the liver is participating in the synthesis of elastic fibres - and the via the 2nd cervical vertebra connected functional circle heart (Th2 SMT®), small intestine (Th12 SMT®)/ tongue and eyes (C2) are also of importance for the disease process.