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Autoimmune diseases

At autoimmune diseases, (f.e. colitis ulc., Crohn´s disease, lupus erythematodes, alveolitis, iritis and so on) the body forms against endogenous proteins antibodies, which normally are tolerated by the organism. The proteins, being responsible for the autoimmune diseases, against which the antibodies are formed, descend in the case of an autoimmune disease from the inner part of the cell, where they originally are hidden from the immune sytem outside. That the immune system can come into contact with the proteins, which come from the inner part of the cells, the cell must be damaged and the cell walls must be permeable, which makes the proteins appear outside the cell, where they come into contact with the immune system.

Normally protecting mechanisms exist, which take care that, at a cellular decomposition, the immune system does not react on proteins from the inner cell with the forming of antibodies. For the beginning of an autoimmune disease two factors are responbsible:

A destruction of cells is caused by subclinical inflammations, originating from damages at the spine, which arise due to irritations of the perivascular plexus (spinal nerv - spinal cord - perivascular plexus = meridians).

Furthermore irritations of the perivascular plexus cause a narrowing of the arterial vessels, leading to a circulatory disturbance. The circulatory disturbances probably prevent a sufficient quick inflow of cells, which are able to decompose foreign proteins and with that guarantee a sufficient quick removal of the damaging material.

The actual damaging mechanism is, that the cellular decomposition allows the material from the inner part of the cell getting outwards, where it comes into contact with the immune system. Now processes happen, which again cause inflammatory reactions and the whole thing escalates more and more.

If you in time , i.e. early enough, remove the responsible damages at spine and joints, you can stop the autoimmune process.

For the particular autoimmune processes not only the direct connections to the corresponding vertebrae are responsible, but also the interactions among the organs and tissue structures connected to each other in the particular functional circuits.