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Chronical polyarthritis (CP)

Proceeding on the assumption that damages at joints and spine really are responsible for the occurrence of an autoimmune disease, the question is in the case of CP - also called rheumatic joint disease - ,whether really an autoimmune disease is responsible, against which classical medicine is helpless on the long run - ,or what specific sort of damages are concerned at the CP.

Certainly first all damages at the leg joints (subluxations of hip, knee and ankle) and at the pelvis (subluxations at the pubic bone, tilts of the sacrum and the pelvis due to Ilio-sacral subluxations and an inclination of the pelvis) have to be removed, that the tension in the back muscles decreases and the spine can straighten up. This reduces or makes disappear the pressure and the irritation of the spinal nerves and with it also of the vegetative nervous system (Ramus communicans via spinal cord via perivascular plexus = meridian).

Which meridian connections play a part at the CP?

The CP first shows with inflammations and pain of the joints. The inflammations start from the tendons and ligaments as well as from the cartilege.

Tendons and ligaments consist at a big part of elastic fibres, which are connected to the functional circuit gallbladder (Th4 SMT®)/ liver (Th5 SMT®)/ eyes and tongue (C2). Via the 2nd cervical vertebra this functional circuit is connected to the functional circuit heart (Th2 SMT®)/ small intestine (Th12 SMT®)/ tongue and eyes (C2), whose damages take influence on the connective tissue.

Additionally you have to consider the vertebrae, whose meridians run over the joints, being most heavily concerned and inflamed.

However, I have to pour at the same time a drop of bitterness into the hope of many concerned. Please do not believe that with these connections and the therapy of the corresponding damages we hold a cure-all of the CP in hands. The earlier the therapy by means of the SMT® begins, the better a healing is possible. In heavy and older courses of disease a healing is often not possible any more, especially when the disease has already led to considerable destructions at the joints. Nevertheless you can relieve the ailments and possibly obtain a stagnation of the course of the disease.