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ADS and HAS (Attention-deficit- or Hyeractivity-syndrome)

The ADS is not only a children´s disease, which is casually known as hyperactivity, but also teens and adults can suffer from this disturbance. Certainly this disturbance is especially peculiar at children, as it is expected them to integrate themselves as much as possible without problems into our social norms and behaviour. In former times "hyperactive" children were called fidget. These children can not sit still and occupy themselves, listen and learn in the kindergarden or at school. Each bagatelle distracts them and they immediately turn away from their momentary doing to begin with a new occupation. Just this tremendous motion pressure disturbs and bugs. If you try to hinder their motion pressure, not seldom violent outbreaks happen, which show in long lasting crying attacks with thrashing and kicking about or even end in real physic violence. At juveniles and grown ups the disease of a ADS is less conspicuous, because when chosing their profession and during sports there is the possibility to hide this disturbance and to abreact it socially in an agreeable manner. An asocial behaviour with extreme flightiness, a lack of concentration, which does not enable the concerned to stay with one occupation, and also a high aggression is after my opinion an aspect of the ADS.

Nevertheles I must say that true ADS diseases are not as frequent as it is said generally.

Some ADS and HAS children simply are ill-bred.

As next aspect of an apparent ADS syndrome is the lack of motion to be mentioned, from which most of the today´s children suffer. The run of the day of a modern child looks like that:

It is strange that during watching television or while playing games at the computer, no symptoms of restlessness or hyperactivity can be recognized. Only when the children have to get back to their normal lives or duties, these symptoms arise suddenly. This might have two kinds of backgrounds:

These both factors reduce the motion, which is necessary for the psychic and physical healthiness.

The classical medicine assures that the cause for the ADS sickness are psychic and/or brain organic processes. It tries to solve the problem in giving the children medicine, which should immobilize them.

The most wellknown medicament is the Ritalin®, an amphetamine. Amphetamines are substances which increase the activity. Why are they used for the therapy of ADS? Very simply. Due to the overexcitability, which releases the Ritalin®, the adrenaline-storages are emptied and cause a state of exhaustion, which tranquilize the children, and that is the case, as long as the medicament is taken. This actually would not be a problem per se, if there did not exist the risk - every year die many children, treated with Ritalin - that sometimes a letal cardiovascular collapse happens, when these children get into stress situations, where they should need a livesaving adrenaline ejection to fight and prevent the cardiovascular failure.

To heal a hyperactivity-syndrome, you have to correct the damages of those vertebrae, which are connected to the functional circuit heart (Th2 SMT®)/ small intestine (Th12 SMT®)/ tongue and eyes (C2), belonging via the 2. cervical vertebra to the functional circuit gallbladder (Th4 SMT®)/ liver (Th5 SMT®)/ eyes and tongue (C2). Damages at the vertebrae of the functional circuit gallbladder (Th4 SMT®)/ liver (Th5 SMT®)/ eyes and tongue (C2) are responsible for the aggressive explosions of some hyperactive patients.